Manoj k jain Send your wishes to Shri Narendra Modi on his birthday!

Lots of the time your tough decisions made you culprit but you always stay with your decisions and commitment because you knew whatever you are doing is good for the country. Today’s rising India is an excellent result of your hard decisions. We are always with you. Happy birthday to the toughest and self-disciplined PM Narendra modi.


गीता भवन मंदिर दरियागंज में गणपति के हवन के बाद उनके प्रतिमा का विसर्जन करते मनोज के जैन

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Manoj K Jain
Mr. Manoj K Jain (BJP) is the best social worker in Jangpura. He consider BJP's purpose and goals as his goal and put their emphasis to fulfil it with his heart & soul. He is the top MLA candidate in Jangpura.

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