Mr. Manoj K Jain: Top MLA Candidate in Jangpura

Mr. Manoj K Jain is a highly acclaimed political activist. He has been working in Jangpura as one of the most profound social workers who always focuses on the betterment of society and works very hard for the same. He is a member of the Bhartiya Janta Party and is always in search of different ways to benefit the country.

In the social welfare domain, Shri Manoj K Jain has played a prominent role in making things better and that too in a short span of time. With his exceptional leadership skills and know-how in diversified sectors, he is constantly taking steps to improve sectoral issues and his continual contributions have made him an epitome of a reliable social worker.

Best MLA Candidate – Jangpura Constituency, Delhi

He started his journey in politics with BJP back in 2003, since then he has never looked back. Shri Manoj K Jain is still working with the same enthusiasm and spirit to make sure that things get progressive and enable the party to achieve its objectives in the best possible manner. His understanding and knowledge of the entire region make him one of the best BJP representatives in Jangpura.

In 2003, he contested election for the first time representing BJP in Delhi Assembly from the Minto Road constituency at an early age of 33 which is indicative of zeal, maturity and desires possess to make a significant presence in the society through his work. His association with BJP for over 17 years has versed him with a deep understanding of party policies and objectives.

His political journey has been driven with a prime objective of always helping the people to get the best and make this society a much better place to live.

In the last few decades, Mr. Jain has been constantly raising his voice and standing against many social issues and other problems faced by people, resultantly making him one of the most sought after potential MLA candidates in the Jangpura Constituency.

Shri Manoj K Jain is also working hard in the field of youth awakening which is grabbing a lot of attention and making a significant impact in our society. He tries to keep himself updated with changes, persistently learning and researching new things in the areas of technology and development which can be a solution to various problems existing in society.

He has been working in the area of political activism and is trying to get things a lot more in favor of development with his core focus in the area of Jangpura. His hard work has been highly acclaimed and he is striving hard to deliver the best for all.

His hard work has earned him a good network of people who supports his vision and allowed him to create a significant presence in BJP. He has a wide presence and followers all across his social media handles. He desires to serve the people of this nation to the best of his potential and envisage BJP achieving its goals and objectives without any hassle.